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EdUi: Totally Worthwhile Professional Development

November 20, 2015

I’ve just returned from an absolutely wonderful conference in Virginia called edUi for Web professionals working in higher ed, schools, libraries, museums, and nonprofits. It was my sixth—yes, sixth, time attending.

As one of only a very few people who’s attended this stellar conference for each of its now almost 7 years, I’m proud to say I was involved, in a small way, in getting it off the ground by helping its founders its very first year.

This time around, I helped in a bigger way, serving on the edUi planning committee and doing conference communications.

The conference’s unusual name is a bit of a play on words in terms of .edu (frequently in the URLs of higher ed institutions) and UI (the techno-geeky abbreviation for “user interface,” a reference to the interaction of human and machine, such as the look-and-feel of websites, mobile apps, etc.)

And if you’re looking for a good professional development conference, it’s a great value. The price for what you get really can’t be beat!


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