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Facebook’s New Sidebar Brings Outcry

October 14, 2011

If you’re anything like me, you’re not wild about this new change.

Facebook unveiled (yet another) interface change this past week, and once again, it has been met with public outcry for changing its format. While that may take some getting used to, though, I would submit that a bigger concern many of us have is, how do we hide our online activity that appears in the “Sidebar.” Most of us don’t want our every move broadcast to our every friend…what is being called “forced sharing.”

(For more, I highly recommend this read: Facebook’s Risky New Approach to Forced Sharing.)

Fortunately, as with most Facebook issues related to privacy and sharing, they are very likely to “walk this back” in a new iteration in coming weeks and months. One thing you can say about FB: it’s never the same website twice!

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