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Facebook Rethinks Its Like Button

September 30, 2011

Not too long ago, Facebook changed the “Become a Fan” button for Official Pages to a “Like” button. Facebook explained the change by saying that “Liking” a Page is a more “light-weight” behavior than “Becoming a Fan.” And I guess I see their point. Clicking “Like” does feel like a bit smaller of a commitment than “Becoming a Fan” of something.

Behind the scenes, though, “Liking” an organizational or corporate page is just the same as “Becoming a Fan” of it — it enables brands, companies, nonprofits, etc. to connect directly with their supporter base. So, once a user has “Liked” your organization, a link to your Page will appear in their profile and s/he will appear on your Page as a person who liked your Page…just as it was before, with your “Fans.”

(“Liking” a Page is different from clicking “Like” on a status update, link, or photo that a friend posts. There, you are simply letting your friend know that you like it without leaving a comment.)

Facebook is now announcing that it is also rolling out the ability to “Like” other things around the Web too — that it will offer other buttons for websites around the Internet, so, as this Mashable article explains, users can take other actions such as “Watched” or “Listened to,” or something that sounds a little more office-appropriate than “Liking,” — “Recommend.”

Interesting, huh?

I “Like” this, by the way: Other Facebook buttons possibly coming in the near future?

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