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Online or Die

August 30, 2011

Quick post today: just wanted to share a sentiment that has popped up twice recently and has really resonated with me. I think it’s worth sharing for any social media skeptics remaining out there:

First, this excellent quote: “For something to gain traction these days; it must be online to matter to anyone at all.” (That was from a blog post entitled Has Social Media Become Our Number One Input Source?)

I think that’s right on the money. If something is not online, it’s not linkable, post-able, search-able, share-able, or tweet-able. With no digital record of it, it may as well have not happened at all!

And second, from the last few seconds of the popular viral video series Social Media Revolution: “The ROI of social media is your business will exist in 5 years.

Taken together, these seem to suggest: your company, organization, school, or nonprofit must be online — or die. Certainly some food for thought!

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