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We Can Make IT: IT is for Girls

April 18, 2011

IT is for Girls: We Can Make It logoI’ve just gone to a terrific planning meeting and I’m very excited. I’m going to be helping out with “IT is for Girls,” a weeklong summer workshop put on by UNCG’s Women in Information Technology (WIIT) group. Already I’ve made the promotional flyer that will be sent home with high school girls throughout Guilford County to generate interest, and I’ve created the T-shirt logo design.

The summer camp will be an effort to get more girls interested in information technology careers, which are often lucrative and have a lot of job security. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that by 2016, 5 out of the top 10 fastest growing jobs relate to IT (see the WIIT FAQ page for more info on that).

Most IT jobs require good skills in communication, problem solving, creativity, human interaction and collaboration–the kinds of skills most often attributed to women. Yet girls are still under-represented in computer science and mathematics courses in college.

“IT is for Girls” aims to change that by getting high schoolers interested in technology early, and giving them other female role models in IT-related jobs.

During the weeklong camp, various female leaders will serve as “Tech Divas” and instruct the girls on an impressive variety of cool, tech topics:

  • building and repairing computers;
  • creating animations and video games using MIT’s “SCRATCH” software;
  • designing webpages;
  • developing Android mobile applications using Google AppInventor;
  • creating video from storyboard, to filming, to editing;
  • exploring cybersecurity topics;
  • investigating 3-D data visualizations; and
  • producing music in “computational hip-hop.”

It’s looking like I’ll be doing a session on smart social media use and cyber security, as well. “IT is for Girls” is scheduled for Monday through Friday, June 20 thru 24, and I can’t wait!

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