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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Facebook Ads All Week

November 23, 2010

This past year, organizations and companies have widely discovered that using social media builds interest and loyalty and drives traffic to their websites, while consumers have widely realized that using social media provides opportunities to learn about promotion codes, free shipping coupons, secret sales, and other ways to save time and money. has found that nearly 75% of all companies and retailers have invested in their Facebook presence in advance of the holidays this year. And just in time for Black Friday, newly-released studies suggest that social media will be top drivers of holiday shopping website traffic this year, with Facebook being the absolute best way to get new visitors to your site.

Personally, I’ve been experimenting with Facebook advertising this week, and my own anecdotal experience confirms the research. I’ve set up a few ads for a client, and found it quite simple to target the ads to people who might actually appreciate them. Facebook lets me show the ads only to people who have listed relevant interests — and thus are likely to want a heads up about this particular promotional discount my client is offering — so this is one instance where advertising is actually a win-win situation!

The ads are being shown literally hundreds of thousands of times, and we’ve gotten a couple thousand clicks, all while spending very little of the client’s advertising dollars. In fact, we’ve more than doubled the client site’s traffic while spending shockingly little.

My only question is, by Cyber Monday 2011, will advertising on Facebook still be so affordable?

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