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Another Perspective Worth Considering

August 1, 2010

Maybe You Don’t Need a Social Media Policy After All…

Stumbled across a blog post recently that basically says folks like me, who advocate that you set up a social media policy for your organization, are full of “hogwash.” I cringed when I read that, but have to admit that I found the Five Reasons Your Company Doesn’t Need a Social Media Policy pretty compelling:

  1. Your people can be trusted. I really do love his optimism!
  2. Social media are just one more way to communicate. I liked his query, “do you have a ‘phone policy’ or ‘fax policy’? Hmm. Good point.
  3. More rules only make your company more bureaucratic. And who wants that?
  4. Formal policies only discourage people from participating. I certainly agree with him here, that “you want to encourage your people to engage in social media. Doing so puts a human face on your brand. It meets customers where they are congregating.”
  5. You probably already have policies that govern inappropriate behavior. Right? So, back to the silly idea of a “fax policy.” Maybe a social media one too isn’t a “best practice” to be strategic, as I thought…just redundant.

Hmmm. I’m pretty impressed with the if-you-must-have-a-policy policy suggestion: “Use whatever social media you want. Feel free to use it on company time. Just use common sense and remember that if you publicly identify yourself with the company’s brand then act in a manner consistent with that brand. It’s in all of our best interests to do so.

Perhaps I would say now that not having a policy is not necessarily un-strategic after all. At least, there’s a way to lack a policy, strategically…

A girl can change her mind, can’t she?

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