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4 Tips for “Spring Cleaning” Your Online Presence

April 6, 2010

Sometimes you have to spend time to save time! Every so often it’s worthwhile to spend a few minutes working on your online presence to keep it fresh and to maximize your time.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Build “Friends, Fans, & Followers”

  1. Freshen up your Profile or Page. This should go without saying, but here it is anyway: take a few moments to make sure your Profile(s) or Page(s) (personally and/or organizationally) are where you want them to be. Things to check periodically: Is this description still accurate? Is the contact info up-to-date? Is the content fresh? Are the images recent, and are the news stories posted positive and current? Do the links to blogs and multimedia still work? Everything being fresh inspires greater confidence in, and interaction with, your viewers or customers. (You yourself tend to trust a webpage more when it’s clear that it’s been updated recently, right?) It’s the same thing here. This is probably one of the single biggest things you can do to build friends, fans, and followers.
  2. Make sure you are “friending,” “following,” and “fanning” everyone that you mean to be. If you’re like me, you often meet someone at a conference or other professional event and exchange business cards, intending to look them up and connect later on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. Or, you hear of a competing or complementary organization using Facebook or Twitter innovatively and you think, I should check out their page to see how they are reaching out. But then time goes by and you never get around to it. Take a few minutes now to ensure you’ve updated your contact lists, your Friend feeds and Follow lists, etc. Being on social media sites will be a richer and more valuable experience for you if you are connecting with all the people and organizations relevant to you.
  3. By the same token, un-friend and un-follow unapologetically. Facebook and Twitter don’t send out notices if you un-friend or un-follow someone, so s/he probably won’t even notice if you do. Your time is too valuable to have to wade through useless posts in your Facebook News Feed and your Twitter stream. Friend and follow only those who add value and delete those who don’t. (Related tip: de-clutter your Facebook News Feed if there’s lots of irrelevant application stories by clicking “Hide” on any you don’t want to see anymore.)
  4. Make sure your RSS feeds are giving you the content you need. (You are saving yourself time with RSS, right?) Revisit your RSS subscriptions from time to time; you may need to add subscriptions to websites and blogs you mean to visit more often than you do, and you may need to delete subscriptions to sites that aren’t as useful as you expected them to be. Again, less “background noise” will make you more likely to catch what’s truly relevant.
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