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Why Your Business/College/Nonprofit Should Be on Facebook

November 14, 2009

This fantastic article from the New York Times Small Business Guide outlines why your company (or by the same token, your nonprofit or university) should be on Facebook, now. In this economy, it notes, we all need to stretch our marketing dollars as far as possible. And the long and short of it is that Facebook’s incredibly tailored targeting enables you to get much more bang for your marketing buck than any other traditional advertising channel.

But it’s not just about selling; Facebook provides a way to engage with your fans, critics, and potential customers. After all, people are talking about your company, school, or nonprofit — whether you’re listening or not.

But if you’ve got a Public Profile Page on Facebook, you’ve given them a place to speak directly to you…so you have an opportunity to hear what they are saying (both the good and the bad) and respond. You can find out what people like, and build on that — and you can address your critics’ concerns directly. You may even get some ideas that attract new clients, customers, donors, students, or faculty!

As the article notes, “You can waste a lot of time on Facebook…but if you’re a business, you don’t have any time to waste.”

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