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If You’re Not Using RSS, You’re Wasting Your Own Valuable Time

July 22, 2009

But What Is RSS?

RSS iconYou may have heard that it stands for Really Simple Syndication, but beyond that — shhhhh! — you feel like you don’t really get it.

You’re not alone…for as simple as RSS is to use, it’s surprisingly under-utilized.

In a nutshell, RSS is the difference between Blockbuster and Netflix.

That is, would you rather:

  • Get in your car, drive over to the store, and scour the shelves for a good movie to watch in hopes they have that new flick in stock? or
  • Hang out at home, open your mailbox, and get the movie of your choice, delivered right to your door?

Except that it has to do with surfing the Web.

RSS Saves You Major Time

When new material is posted at websites of interest to you, be they…

  • News sites (to scan the headlines, catch up on celebrity gossip, etc.)
  • Blogs (whether industry-related or personal, such as a friend a family member who’s posting pics of their baby or their travels or something)
  • Sports sites (to check scores, game schedules, etc.)
  • Finance sites (to view stock quotes and performance)
  • Weather or traffic sites (to check the weekend forecast, or plan your route home)
  • Food & recipe sites (to plan meals, get some new dishes to try, or cook for special occasions)
  • TV & movie sites (to check local listings or view critical reviews)
  • Travel deals
  • Horoscopes (yes, even astrology sites!)

…RSS delivers the latest to you, automatically…without you needing to remember to check manually for updates. RSS enables you to stay up-to-date on whatever interests you, and do so at your own convenience!

How to Subscribe?

So, if you visit any of those kinds of websites with any frequency or regularity at all, then stop wasting your own valuable time! You can subscribe to get this stuff sent to you, in the method that’s easiest for you (email? on your phone? in your Web browser or on a website?), which you can then peruse on your own schedule. No more trying to remember to go check for a new blog post…when there’s an update, RSS ensures it just magically appears for you!

Be sure you check out my super-easy explanation on How to Set Up an RSS Subscription and then hey, why not try it out by signing up for the RSS feed from this website (or any other)?

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